First Thursday Club: Doctor Bot: AI's finger on the pulse

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Thursday, 1 June 2023
8:30am - 9:30am AEST
Live session through Microsoft Teams

When artificial intelligence bots aren’t dreaming of becoming a sentient being or stealing nuclear codes, they are rapidly revolutionising healthcare as we know it.

While recent AI advances have us all in a state of hysteria, particularly with the rise of the AI Chatbot GPT, the uptake of AI and robotics in the healthcare space is quickly solidifying its place in modern medicine. COVID-19 catapulted healthcare organisations around the world to start field-testing new AI-supported technologies, such as algorithms to support medical professionals in clinical settings and ongoing research. These advancements have in turn attracted further significant funding.

Although the overall standards for the use of AI in medicine are still being defined, there are endless opportunities for it to benefit clinicians, researchers and patients.

Join us for our next FTC session as BN’s Diane Usback and Joshua Scott explore how AI and robotics are driving change in the provision of healthcare and how the law is evolving in its wake.

First Thursday Club Series

Our First Thursday Club is a health law webinar series that explores the latest developments, cases, and trends in healthcare.

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