BN Health Forum Melbourne: Going Viral - Healthcare, Media and Privacy

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Thursday, 3 August 2023
Forum sessions: 4:00pm I Networking & drinks: 6:15pm
Grand Hyatt Melbourne: 123 Collins Street, Melbourne

The health sector continues to witness remarkable advancements in AI and technology, ranging from My Health Record and telehealth service platforms to a plethora of health and fitness monitors integrated into our phones, smart watches and rings. These digital health technologies provide numerous benefits, including improved accessibility and availability of healthcare services, which, in turn, enhance data for informed decision making. These advancements however also bring new challenges such as the dissemination of sensitive health information from malicious and unintentional disclosure.

In recent times, Australia has experienced significant data breaches that has affected millions of individuals. The Medibank data breach exposed the health information of nearly 10 million Australians, while the interception and leakage of Tasmanian Ambulance pager network radio transmissions caused concerns regarding privacy. Another incident involved the compromising of 15,000 patient records during the Melbourne Heart Group ransomware attack. These high-profile breaches have not only attracted considerable media attention but have also compelled media outlets to grapple with difficult editorial decisions when deciding on the information to disclose while raising public awareness about the issues facing the privacy of health information. These incidents often involve delicate issues related to defamation, as media outlets navigate the fine line between informing the public and potential reputational harm to individuals.

As always, we will be joined at this year’s Health Forum by an impressive line-up of industry experts who will share their views, experiences and stories as we take a deep dive into the relationship between healthcare, media and the evolution of technology and future of privacy in medicine. You can meet our speakers below.

BN’s Health Forum is a must attend event for all professionals working in or alongside healthcare who want to stay up-to-date on the trends and issues affecting the sector. But be quick, registration is free and places are limited.

Following the final session, attendees are invited to continue the conversation over drinks and canapes.


  • Session 1: Healthcare on Trial: When the media locks in… and doesn’t go away

    Keynote session presented by multi-award winning journalist Nick McKenzie

    The media wields significant influence over public opinion and the dissemination of information, particularly when it comes to healthcare issues. When these issues become entangled in legal proceedings, the impact of the media becomes even more pronounced. Navigating the delicate balance between accurate reporting, responsible messaging, and the legal considerations at play can create a media minefield for healthcare professionals, perpetuating a cycle of negative publicity and public scrutiny towards health services.

    In this session, we delve into the power of the media to instigate transformative changes within the healthcare industry. Our keynote speaker, award-winning investigative journalist Nick McKenzie, will draw upon his extensive expertise in the media industry to offer valuable insights into preserving professional reputation amidst ongoing media scrutiny. With his deep familiarity with ongoing media controversies, Nick will share practical approaches for healthcare professionals to proactively engage with the media, safeguard their professional standing and maintain public confidence in health services, while ensuring their voice is heard and their credibility remains intact.

  • Session 2: Medicine and Technology: Exploring the boundaries of privacy in healthcare

    Panel discussion moderated by BN's Natalie Laidlaw, with panellists:

    In an era of transformative technological advancements, data breaches, and the growing social media presence, the storage, access, and sharing of health information has undergone dramatic changes. These developments carry significant implications for healthcare practitioners and companies in safeguarding their reputations, ensuring transparency and maintaining control over private information.

    In this session, our diverse panel of industry experts will delve into the complex relationship between medicine and technology, with a particular focus on the delicate balance between the use of technology in improving healthcare and the privacy of the patient. We will examine the implications for healthcare in this evolving landscape. Our panellists will also explore strategies for practitioners to ensure that a patient’s privacy is protected when dealing with new technology along with equipping healthcare practitioners with practical tips to navigate common claims in relation to privacy breaches. Furthermore, as the world witnesses the rapid evolution of AI-driven technologies, this session will also contemplate the profound technological impacts of these advances on medical privacy.

Meet our speakers

  • Nick McKenzie, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald


    Nick McKenzie is a multi-award-winning investigative journalist for leading newspapers The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He has presented major investigations for the ABC's Four Corners and 7:30, 60 Minutes and the Australian Financial Review.

    His investigations span numerous areas including foreign affairs, defence, corporate misconduct, politics, organised crime, corruption, criminal justice, and social issues. Nick's impactful work has instigated national and state inquiries, including Royal Commissions, parliamentary investigations, and corruption probes in Australia, the US, and Britain.

    Nick is committed to amplifying the voices of vulnerable individuals and works closely with whistleblowers to expose corruption and wrongdoing. His investigations have shed light on serious corruption within political parties, the healthcare system, and law enforcement agencies. He has also empowered victims of sexual abuse, soldiers with PTSD, and survivors of human trafficking and police brutality to share their stories.

    Nick has been recognised with twelve Walkley Awards and is the most decorated reporter in the history of the Melbourne Press Club Quill Awards. He received the Lowy Institute Award for best foreign affairs reporting, garnering global attention and contributing to new transparency laws. Nick frequently speaks on corporate crime and investigations, with significant impacts such as Australia's first foreign bribery prosecution and national scandals. His book 'The Sting' published in 2012 exposed Australia's largest-ever organised crime and money laundering probe.

  • Professor Kathryn von Treuer, The Cairnmillar Institute


    Professor Kathryn von Treuer is the Chief Executive Officer and Provost of the Cairnmillar Institute, an independent higher education provider known for its clinical excellence in research and teaching of psychology and psychotherapy. She is an endorsed health and organisational psychologist with postgraduate qualifications in psychology, business and education.

    With 20 years of industry experience, Kathryn’s reputation in leading and improving the quality of education is well established. Her research into teaching scholarship has informed the learning and evaluation of training programs spanning several domains, including aged care, Allied Health and shiftwork.

    Kathryn also sits on the Psychology Board of Australia and Independent Tertiary Educational Council of Australia.

  • Fleur Katsmartin, The Royal Melbourne Hospital


    Fleur Katsmartin is the Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. She has broad experience working in government, public and private practice. Her areas of expertise include health and technology, eHealth, digital and IT law, privacy and compliance, corporate governance and corporate advisory.

    Prior to joining The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Fleur was General Counsel and Company Secretary at Healthdirect Australia Ltd, the national virtual public health information service. She commenced her legal career at the Australian Government Solicitor before working as a corporate solicitor at a national firm.

    Fleur is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

  • Dr Nisha Khot, Peninsula Health


    Dr Nisha Khot is the Clinical Director of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Peninsula Health. Before moving to Australia, Dr Khot trained in India and worked in the United Kingdom.

    She is passionate towards promoting diversity in health leadership, health equity and easily accessible healthcare for women in the community. As the former Director of Obstetrics at Bacchus Marsh hospital, Dr Khot was instrumental in the transformation of the hospital’s maternity ward into one of the safest in Victoria. It was one of the first maternity wards in Australia to fulfil the requirements of the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority’s highest safety standards.

    Dr Khot currently holds several leadership positions, including board memberships of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RANZCOG) and the Rural Doctors Association of Victoria (RDAV) and Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health (MCWH). She also chairs the SIMG committee as well as the Gender Equity & Diversity Working Group at RANZCOG

  • Natalie Laidlaw, Barry Nilsson


    Natalie is a Special Counsel in our Insurance & Health team, specialising in professional indemnity and health law. Her extensive professional indemnity experience includes acting for local and international insurers and their insureds, in defending claims against a broad range of professional clients across all Australian jurisdictions, including allied health practitioners, medical practitioners and pharmacists.

    Prior to joining Barry Nilsson, Natalie was a Legal and Claims Manager and Team Leader for a large insurer, managing a diverse range of professional indemnity claims. This gives Natalie a unique perspective to appreciate the needs of the insurer and their client, allowing her to adopt a pragmatic approach in delivering the best possible outcome to her clients with a tailored solution that takes into account the associated risks.

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