The Checkup Podcast – Episode 21: Health Complaints Commissioner: uncovering the complaints resolution process with HCC Resolutions Manager Felicity Lathrop


Understandably, the thought of being contacted by the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) following a complaint can be stressful for practitioners and health service providers. However, in many cases, this is usually a result of a lack of understanding of the HCC's processes. In this episode of The Checkup, BN's Scott Shelly is joined by Felicity Lathrop, Resolutions Manager for the Health Complaints Commissioner in Victoria, to uncover the role of the HCC in the complaints resolution process, and hopefully relieve some of the anxiety practitioners and health service providers often feel when dealing with the HCC. Felicity walks us through a day in her life as Resolutions Manager, some of the recurring issues she sees amongst complaints, as well as some tips for health service providers to avoid receiving complaints and for advisers to better manage complaints.

This episode of The Checkup was recorded by Rolln Media and edited by Audio Advantage.

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